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  Keeper is used to keep track of the membership machines in the channels. It can check the current machine list
in any channel with a pre supplied snapshot or a pre created membership list.

actions: join part reinit add status snapshot remove ensure
Keeper is different from the rest of traits. It is hosted at the irc server as a service, and it accepts only
simple invocation and can not be used from with in the direct invocation.


  !$keeper:join #mybigchannel

joins the channel #mybigchannel

  !$keeper:snapshot #mybigchannel

takes a snapshot of #mybigchannel

  !$keeper:update #mybigchannel

updates the member list (by adding new members but not removing unreachable old members) in #mybigchannel

  !$keeper:status #mybigchannel

compares the current membership with the members that were in the channel at the time of snapshot

  !$keeper:add _newmachine

adds _newmachine to the membership list in #mybigchannel

  !$keeper:remove _deadmachine

removes _deadmachine from the membership list in #mybigchannel


sends a join message to all the machines that are missing in #mybigchannel.
sends a part message to all unwelcome visitors who were not part of an earlier snapshot.

  !$keeper:part #mybigchannel

exits from #mybigchannel (and looses all the membership info of that channel).


of getting the status in #fetchbits channel