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cron is the trait responsible for triggering actions at predeterminded time.
It allows a named action to be started at a particular period.

actions: start stop at del list show
  !do hi there! when $cron:newhi[0]
Here, the named action called newhi is executed 0 th second of each minute.
The syntax is similar to the unix cron with an extra seconds field added
(seconds minutes hours date dayofweek month)

  !do $pat:start[-s all.seq] when $cron:dotest[0 0 5] where $my:os = /linux/
Here, the named action dotest defined as pat:start -s all.seq is executed at
5 AM every day.

!do $cron:list
Displays all the current action names

!do $cron:show[dotest]
Display the named action in detail

!do $cron:del[dotest]
Remove the named action

!do $cron:start
!do $cron:stop
Start and stop the cron thread. The cron thread has to be running for it to execute any named actions.
The cron is started by default.

The below actions allow more fine grained control over cron.


  !do $cron:stop[mywatch]

Allows disabling of individual cron tasks. The param is a shell expression (* works)

  !do $cron:start[mywatch]

Allows enabling of individual cron tasks that were disabled earlier. The parameter is a shell expression.