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   Short invocation is a short cut to invoke the trait method on a remote machine directly. It allows only a single method per invocation.
Go Into any of the channels and type the below to see what it does.

  !$fetch:get[ ,/tmp/img]
  !$fetch:get ,/tmp/img
  !$me:join #newchan
  !$join #newchan
  !$part #newchan

The !$join and !$part are shortcuts for !do $me:join and !do $me:part respectively. They are provided siince these operations are used quite often. The !do ... operations will be explained later.

In the command !$sys:version, the trait is the sys and method is version. The trait interprets the method and acts upon it.

The simple invocation does not require brackets to signify begining and end of arguments. The whole line after the method name is treated as the argument.